Refusal to Report on Black Conservative Republican Candidates

As I attempted to research some information on the progress of the many black Republican candidates running for congressional offices in the upcoming election, I realized that such articles were virtually nonexistent. Granted some of these severely overqualified candidates are running in districts that have long been democratic strongholds; however the large number of black GOP candidates running this year is important news in itself.

The really sad thing is that one of the most recent articles that I found is linked below and had to be written across the pond in the United Kingdom to achieve being published. It is certainly more beneficial to the Obama administration’s party line to pretend that there are no black Republicans. But whether our national media’s monopoly on information disseminates these facts or not, the reality is that there is a welcome resurgence of black Republican candidates running in this election. At least we can thank this administration for some accomplishment.

Frances Rice, head of the National Black Republican Association, recently told Newsmax that the increase in black GOP candidates is noteworthy. But she blames the mainstream media for ignoring black Republicans in previous election cycles. 

“You have to keep in mind black Republicans have been running for a number of years,” she said. “They’ve been ignored because talking about them as Republican candidates didn’t fit into the media template.”

Ken Blackwell, former Ohio secretary of state assessed the possibilities as follows:
“I think you’re going to have three to five winners, and the number of real competitive races will be greater than that,” he says. “I think that would be a substantial victory and a nice benchmark from which to start a major realignment as we go forward.” There is a lot of excitement building among Republicans at the prospect of finally achieving the goal of a “big tent.”

In the Telegraph article, “Black Republicans offer hope after Barack Obama’s failures on Race”, Toby Harnden noted that

“There are currently 42 black members of Congress, all of them Democrats. Republicans haven’t had a black congressman since J.C. Watts stood down in 2003. Ironically, opposition to the policies of the first black President on a whole range of economic and social issues are a key motivating factor for this new wave of black conservatives.
Rather than ushering in a post-racial era, Obama’s election to the White House appears to have intensified racial divisions in America. This is not, as the Left asserts, because Right-wing opponents are full of white-hooded bigots who refuse to accept a black man as President. Obama’s own strange myopia on race has played a big part.”

It is so astonishing and depressing that our president’s leadership has carried America into a morass of division, contention, and racial tensions that surpass anything we have experienced in recent years. Michael Gerson wrote that “it is a sad, unnecessary shame that Barack Obama, the candidate of unity, has so quickly become another source of division.” Gerson quotes Ron Brownstein’s explanation for the intense polarization: “Long, nasty presidential campaigns stoke our differences. Media outlets have become more partisan. Ideological interest groups have proliferated. Congressional leaders have changed the rules, making it easier to impose party discipline.”

The anger and tension over racial issues is currently at a fever pitch in our national dialogue. Blog posts are filled with a hatred and language unlike any I’ve heard in decades. A recent Rasmussen survey found that just 36 percent of voters now believe relations between blacks and whites are getting better, compared to 62 percent in July last year.

I believe that it is time to face the consistent undercurrents, and sometimes hurricanes, of political divisiveness that can be so blinding to all parties. I hope that the stronghold and monopoly that the Democratic Party has held for much of the African American community will finally be shattered. I appreciate the courage and boldness of Sophia Nelson, who concluded a recent article with this statement:

“One last point: The GOP is not full of racists or bigots and we all know this. Nor is the Democratic Party void of them. If we can start there and realize that the time has come for us to STOP tolerating the Democrats’ blatant disrespect for our intelligence and needs, then I think we as a people can once again make ourselves politically relevant.”

Read more:

Timothy F. Johnson is the chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, a black conservative group. He noted that the candidates might be helped by the presence of Michael Steele, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, who is black and ran for the Senate himself in 2006.

But Democrats and other political experts express skepticism about black Republicans’ chances in November. “In 1994 and 2000, there were 24 black G.O.P. nominees,” said Donna Brazile, a Democratic political strategist who ran Al Gore’s presidential campaign and who is black. “And you didn’t see many of them win their elections.”
Tavis Smiley, a prominent black talk show host who has repeatedly criticized Republicans for not doing more to court black voters, said, “It’s worth remembering that the last time it was declared the ‘Year of the Black Republican,’ it fizzled out.”

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (US Army, Retired) is running a strong race in Florida and is a Tea Party favorite. Allen West expressed his own perspective:

“I ran in 2008 and raised half a million dollars, and the state party didn’t support me and the national party didn’t support me,” said Allen West, who is running for Congress in Florida and is one of roughly five black candidates the party believes could win. “But we came back and we’re running and things are looking great.”

West will be fascinating to watch as he carries his message of traditional American values and his no-nonsense approach to D.C. For example, he has strong views on the necessity of education: “Education is the great equalizer,” he says. “With a good education, any child in America can live his dream.”

Another candidate who is close to a sure victory is Tim Scott. He is running in a district in South Carolina which deviates from the pattern of the past. The 1st district in which he is running is heavily GOP. It is considered a “safe Republican seat.” A Democrat has not won that seat in almost 30 years.

Star Parker gave her own reasons for running in a tough district in a Townhall post:

“I’m challenging a Black Caucus incumbent in a district that political pundits rate “safe” for Democrats.
But this year no Democrat representing low income Americans should feel safe peddling the same plantation policies that already have produced our broken schools, broken families, and broken spirits. Now they’re bringing these bankrupt ideas to the whole country.”

There are 11 other black GOP candidates who are running in this upcoming November election. While some are running in heavily Democratic districts, they are highly qualified and would continue to make history. These conservative Americans have sacrificed so much by running for office as Republicans, and their influence should no longer be ignored by our mainstream media and the American culture that rarely hears of their successes.

The dearth of media coverage is revealing. The lack of interest in this
historic election for black Republican candidates reinforces the clear
adherence to the prevailing “narrative” that the Republican Party and
its TEA Party supporters are racist. However, it is time to emerge
from the fact- free zone and applaud the outstanding GOP candidates
who have boldly entered this 2010 election.


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I am an everyday, stay home mom of young children who becomes incensed and indignant when I am categorized and insulted by national media types. Blogging is more productive, I think, than giving the TV an earful. I happen to be grateful to the Founding Fathers for setting our liberties in motion and would like to honor their sacrifice and their wisdom in some small way with one small conservative voice.
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