Pelosi shares her PAYGO Mantra

Nancy Pelosi shared her very essence with Americans yesterday as she explained her own personal “mantra.”  I am sure you are all aware of her fondness for chanting about PAYGO.  Nancy stated yesterday that “deficit reduction has been a high priority for us; it is our mantra: pay as you go. Unfortunately, that will be changed now.

A mantra is a word or formula, as from the Veda, chanted or sung as an incantation or prayer.  Mantras are believed by practitioners of Buddhism and Hinduism to produce vibrations that have power and can lead to harmonic convergence, whatever that is.  In Vedic practices, mantra is viewed as a necessity for spiritual advancement and high attainment.  According to Healing Mantras, “for although there is a general meaning which comes to be associated with mantras, the only lasting definition is the result or effect of saying the mantras.”  The selection goes on to explain: “All of what humanity thinks and ultimately becomes is determined by the expression of ideas and actions through speech…. Everything, the Vedas maintain, comes into being through speech. Ideas remain unactualized until they are created through the power of speech.”

Well, I am so happy to learn that our outgoing speaker has been diligently chanting that mantra. Had she not let us all in on her attempts at actualizing PAYGO into the congressional budget, I would have remained in my unenlightened state of thinking that her policies had amassed massive debts instead!

As an important aside, Disney is also diligently promoting the teaching of mantras to our children.  The recent videos of Santa Paws and Santa Buddies show the canine characters chanting mantras in a meditative state in front of a statue of Buddha.  I do not know whether Pelosi’s chanting also requires a statue of Buddha to ensure its effectiveness, but perhaps the new representative, Rand Paul, would share his aqua one.

While I hope that the incoming Congress will not take up this practice of repeating mantras, I do hope that they will actually pay for their programs as they go, at the very least.  Afterall, as a sometime participant in hatha yoga myself, I avoid repeating anything from a foreign religion, in a language such as Hindi or Vedic Chant, in which I am not familiar or fluent.

And as we have all witnessed, Nancy Pelosi is not very fluent in PAYGO.

(In this January 4, 2011 video, the statement is about one minute into the clip linked below)



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I am an everyday, stay home mom of young children who becomes incensed and indignant when I am categorized and insulted by national media types. Blogging is more productive, I think, than giving the TV an earful. I happen to be grateful to the Founding Fathers for setting our liberties in motion and would like to honor their sacrifice and their wisdom in some small way with one small conservative voice.
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