Heritage and AEI will co-host National Security Debate before Thanksgiving

The Republican presidential candidates debates have been a little disappointing so far.  The media has gone out of its way to exploit and highlight the infighting among the candidates, with obvious attempts to create drama and a sideshow atmosphere.  The crucial issues facing America have received short shrift as we’ve delved into minor issues that tell us very little about how these candidates would lead and make decisions, especially on national security.

However, on Tuesday November 22nd, CNN will host another debate for the Republican contenders that should meet the gravity of the complex, tumultuous times in which we live.  This debate will be co-hosted by the Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute (AEI).  These nonpartisan, nonprofit research institutes never before have sponsored a presidential debate.   

The issues that require more than a 30-second sound bite abound. For instance, the Arab Spring has now sprung, but what will America be dealing with now that dictators have been ousted in the Middle East?  Who will fill the vacuum in Egypt and Libya where increased support for Sharia Law may lead to even more unpredictable instability?

And how will the U.S. show support for Israel as the tinderbox around them heats up?

What can be done to limit the influence of Iran on its neighbors?  And is Pakistan the key to ending military action in Afghanistan?

There are very few locations in the world that are not facing some sort of crisis.  Economic disaster looms large in Greece, Italy, and Ireland with many countries close behind, lined up like dominoes.  How much involvement should America exercise, and is it at all possible to avoid involvement?

Most conservatives agree that the faltering U.S. economy and explosive debt, now at a heart-stopping 15 trillion, qualify as a national security issue. How will a potential President prioritize all these spreading wildfires?

China may overshadow all these national security concerns as it threatens to increase its military strength and displace America as a global economic leader.  Can conservatives continue to tenaciously uphold their support for free trade, and at what cost must we follow this relatively recent principle?

“Nothing is more important to the future of our nation than how we approach national security and foreign policy.”  Heritage President Edwin J. Feulner said.

“The timing couldn’t be better. We’re setting the table for some lively family discussions at Thanksgiving.”

Well, as a foodie, I think I will finish my blue crab stuffing, excuse the kids from the table, and pop a Pepcid before engaging in the taboo of mixing family and politics.  But after the pumpkin pie, we can all have a much more informed discussion as we talk turkey about serious issues America faces today.  


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I am an everyday, stay home mom of young children who becomes incensed and indignant when I am categorized and insulted by national media types. Blogging is more productive, I think, than giving the TV an earful. I happen to be grateful to the Founding Fathers for setting our liberties in motion and would like to honor their sacrifice and their wisdom in some small way with one small conservative voice.
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